Benefits of Joining TREA as a School District

Job Board
The Job Board offers free postings for TREA school districts, and can be accessed to create those postings with a member login.  The Job Board has listings for any and all school district openings and positions. It is also available for our current and active sponsors, as well.

Superintendent Mentor Program  
If you are new to the superintendency, you must have a trained superintendent mentor who oversees your 36 hours of professional development and corresponds with you on a regular basis. TREA has over 60 Superintendent Mentors across the state and in most ESC Regions. Contact: Bill Tarleton, [email protected], (254) 602-2056.

Scholarship Opportunities
The Applications for these scholarships are available to every graduating senior attending a TREA member district. In 2021 the association awarded $50,000 in student  scholarships. 

Art Contest
TREA awarded $2850 in monetary awards to 9 student winners in our annual Art Contest in 2021. There were 9 winners across three categories, and the applications will be available in the Spring of 2022 for the next contest. 

TREA Summer Conference
This is the only conference of its kind in Texas for rural educators and school board members. The conference presents opportunities for administrators, teachers and school board members to address issues unique to rural Texas. See for dates and details or contact Bonnie Walker | [email protected] | (512) 415-1646.

Since 1992, TREA has been dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the rural schools of Texas. We do this in a number of ways, and have a Legislative Committee made up of TREA District administrators from across the state. We also work with other educational organizations, agencies, and legislators, on issues that affect our membership.    

National Rural Education Association
TREA is an affiliate of the National Rural Education Association (NREA).  When a district joins TREA, they also become a voting member of NREA. Contact: Dr. Allen Pratt, at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, [email protected], (423) 425-4539.

National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium
TREA is also a member of the National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium. We work with over 20 other states on rural issues and advocate for their needs at the federal level. Contact: Jerry Stout, [email protected]

Robotics Education Competition Foundation
TREA has partnered with the REC Foundation to provide robotics kits, training, and entry fees, for TREA school districts across the state. This service is valued at $2,000, and is free to school districts that apply, based on availability. REC Foundation will be a UIL sanctioned Robotics Competition in 2022-23. Contact:  Andy Schaafs, [email protected].

Of the Year Awards
TREA recognizes outstanding educators in four categories each year. Those awards are recognized at our Annual Summer Conference each year. Those awards are for Teacher of the Year, Principal of the Year, Superintendent of the Year, and School Board of the Year.